RECREATION & FAMILY SERVICES is a broad array of programs that support families caring for a loved one who has developmental disabilities. Through social and skill building opportunities, Recreation & Family Services works in coordination with individuals, families, day program/school staff, and clinicians to ensure consistent care.

What we offer

  • Youth Recreation Program serves participants ages 14-21 in a variety of group activities including cooking, integrated sports, community outings, music therapy, movement therapy, social skills and school vacation recreation. The availability of year-round activities helps families maintain balance and offers participants a safe opportunity to practice independence skills while having fun with peers.
  • Adult Recreation Program serves participants ages 18 and older with a variety of enrichment activities including bowling, fitness, chorus, ceramics, hip hop dance, yoga and Special Olympic sports. Programming is designed to help individuals reach their personal goals, improve health and wellness, and create opportunities for socialization. Adult Recreation helps aging or working families seeking respite for their adult children who live at home and individuals who live semi-independently who can feel isolated outside of their work or habilitation programs. Other participants may include adults from group residences who seek opportunities for fulfillment or to address annual progress goals. Additionally, such programming supports transition-age youth (18-21) in adult service settings.
  • Community Recreation activities are designed to meet the specific interests and social needs of youth and adults. This program is also used by teens seeking affordable, low-commitment opportunities to try adult environments prior to graduation. Classes are offered in sessions throughout the year, as well as monthly social events on Friday evenings. Activities may include dances, bingo, karaoke, weekend gym, self-defense and social groups. Each activity is designed for specific age ranges, interests, and shared goals.
  • Caregiver Trainings are free monthly presentations on topics of interest to families who have a loved one with a disability. These trainings are a critical source of information that support families making informed decisions about their child’s life, adopting best practice care giving and provide a networking forum for families managing similar circumstances.

For more information on social inclusion, please contact Kim Huxley, Manager of Social Inclusion and Self Advocacy at (978) 287-7936 or

For more information on recreation, please contact Amanda Quin, Recreation and CBDS Coordinator at
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