*New Social Skills Groups now open for MARCH Enrollment*

EXTRA STEPS PEDIATRIC THERAPIES is a comprehensive therapeutic program designed to provide individualized supports to aid the development of children with special needs and/or developmental delays.  Services are provided for children ages three years and above.

What we offer

  • Screening and evaluation
  • Service coordination
  • Individualized therapeutic services in:
    • speech and language therapy
    • occupational and physical therapy
    • social groups
    • nutrition and feeding support
    • social skills groups
    • reading tutoring
  • Seamless transition from Early Intervention programming
  • Comprehensive evaluations and periodic reviews to optimize interventions
  • Committed collaboration with Pediatricians and school personnel
  • After school and Saturday hours to accommodate the school day

Referral Process

You can call our Extra Steps office at 978-287-7878 or complete the online form below to make an appointment for an evaluation or a child can be referred by a pediatrician or community agency working with families.

Costs may be covered by insurance companies as your policy allows; there may be co-pays and deductibles. Private Pay is also an option.

For more information, please email info@extrasteps.org or call 978-287-7878. You may also contact us using our online form, click here.

Extra Steps Pediatric Therapies Brochure

Extra Steps Patient Registration Form

Program Site

Carter Center
1269 Main Street
Concord, MA 01742

978-287-7878 (Office)
978-287-7879 (Fax)