My son, Rick Robbins, has been attending the Day Habilitation Program at Minute Man Arc for almost 17 years. We definitely feel it is where Rick should be. He spends every day with friends he has known for 40 years. We don’t worry about him when he is at Minute Man Arc. The staff if very attentive and always makes sure he gets his medications on time. Consequently, he has not had seizures that threatened his life for many years and required immediate transportation to the hospital.

Everyone encourages Rick to talk and his vocabulary continues to grow. His transportation is provided by Minute Man Arc too. He loves his drivers and happily boards the van every morning, ready to start his day with a smile.

We donate to Minute Man Arc because we know that day programs of high quality are few and far between. We want Minute Man Arc to be around for a long time to come, so other children and adults with special needs will receive the great care my son is experiencing.


Patricia Robbins (mother) and Kelly Ann Robbins (sister)
Carlisle, Massachusetts