I donate because when I most needed help, Minute Man arc was there to support me and my family. When my husband and I became parents several decades ago, we were quickly thrown into a world of medical needs. procedures. and specialists that was overwhelming. The Early Intervention folks that we soon met changed the subject for us to how could we help our son Adam to grow and learn and thrive. The physical therapist was there to give us lessons in how to hold a baby to promote muscle tone, and the occupational therapist was there on a home visit three years later when Adam took his first tottering step. Having them, and the teachers, the speech therapist, and Early Intervention nurse on our side made the task of looking after our medically complicated son a little more possible and a little less lonely.

I donate because I want others to have access to the programs that have made such a difference in my son’s life. Adam joined the After-School Program when it began. It was a huge challenge for him to handle a relatively unstructured environment, with other children playing, working on projects, and making noise around him. It was a challenge for staff to accommodate a child who was so limited in communication, prone to seizures, and easily overwhelmed. But they were committed to accommodating all. Maybe my donation can help some child whose financial resources are limited attend programs at Minute Man Arc.

I donate because I want Minute man Arc to continue improving. Adam is now attending the Day Habilitation Program. I hope that we can someday see a music therapist in that program and we can add more community-based programming and outings. I would like the attentive, caring and professional staff who work with Adam to be well compensated. It takes money, I know. That is why I donate to Minute Man Arc for Human Services.

Sarah Coletti
Acton, MA