We donate to Minute Man Arc because of our son Sean. He has been attending the Day Habilitation Program for the last ten years. Sean loves to come to the Day Program every day and is very upset when Minute Man Arc has a holiday or there is bad weather. He enjoys his friends and the activities that he participates in every day. It has given him the opportunity to achieve and work on his goals from his service plan on a daily basis. We want him to continue on this positive path in the years ahead and we feel that by donating we can help him achieve his goals.

We also feel that a local charity will service the local community more effectively and efficiently than a national charity. Minute Man Arc provides a variety of different services, all to our local community. These services start at early intervention, go through the school age years, and continue into adulthood. We can see the results of donating to Minute Man Arc and we want them to continue their good work for a long time to come.

These are the reasons that we donate to Minute Man Arc and hope that others can see the importance of supporting this wonderful organization.

Tanya and David Mahoney
Westford, MA